Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DUI Convictions and the Suspended Drivers License

Of all the consequences that come with a DUI conviction, the harshest consequence of all is the drivers license suspension.  If you are convicted of a DUI, your driving privilege will be suspended for at least one year.  This suspension can impact your entire life, and may dramatically change your ability to go to work and go to school.  There are no exceptions.

If you live and work in a place with public transportation, or your work and/or school is close to where you live, this may be a minor inconvenience.  I have had clients who live in rural areas, but who commute to the city for work, and as a result of a suspension, they lose their jobs.

There are ways around the license suspension, but they are fact specific to each case.  For example, on a first time DUI, I have been able to negotiate an alcohol impaired driving charge instead of the full DUI.  Drivers License Division doesn't suspend a license for a first time alcohol impaired driving.  A second alcohol impaired driving, however, will result in a suspension, so if you are lucky enough to dodge a suspension the first time, learn your lesson.

If you are being charged with a DUI, call me.  I will work hard to protect your driving privileges.

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